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Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

Flat Fees Starting at $199. is a company comprised of experienced real estate attorneys and paralegals designed to assist our clients with the purchase or sale of real
estate.  The real estate lawyers we work with have years of experience in the industry and have handled thousands of transactions all over the Chicagoland area.  The single goal of our company is to provide premium real estate services at a reduced cost to our clients.  Don't be fooled by other real estate lawyers who claim they offer low rates, but won't provide a price on their website and will often add hidden fees for supplementary services.  Our attorney's fees to represent clients start at $199.  That's 35% - 75% off other attorney's fees for the exact same services!  Typical attorney's fees range from $350-$900 depending on the transaction. 

Real estate brokers are utilized in many purchases in the Chicagoland area, but are not always required.  Due to our practice, we have many connections with Realtors, and can refer you to one if you would like.  If you are looking for more information about our Attorney services, please click here. For more information about Real Estate Broker Services, or to determine if you need a realtor, please click here


Buying or selling a residential real estate property can be a very exciting
event, however, it can also be a very challenging time in today's market. For
the majority of us, it will be the largest transaction or investment in which we
are ever involved. As a result, you need a qualified and experienced real estate
broker and lawyer to navigate you though the process and ensure everything runs

Whether you have a closing date approaching or are just beginning the process to
purchase, sell, or lease a property, contact our experienced real estate lawyers
today to ensure you are protected. Our real estate attorneys represent both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transactions, and a qualified
lawyer can truly become your greatest asset. Real estate contracts are very
complex and we are committed to providing the highest levels of knowledge and
integrity in the area of real estate.