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Buying a home is a very exciting time, but it can also be a very frustrating and complicated process. An experienced attorney from can represent you throughout the purchase and ensure a smooth transaction.


Why Choose Us?

Purchasing real estate can often be the largest investment a person makes in their entire life. As a buyer, you have many rights in a real estate contract, and we work hard to protect your interests and minimize your fees and expenses.

We provide the following services when representing a buyer, all for a low flat fee of $399:

  • Drafting/Reviewing the Contract

  • Corresponding with the Seller's Attorney

  • Reviewing the Title Report to Disclose Liens, Litigation, Unpaid Taxes, etc.

  • Answering All of Your Questions

  • Addressing Any Inspection/Walkthrough Issues that Arise

  • Scheduling the Closing

  • Attending the Closing

  • And many, many more.

The goal of our firm is to assist buyers in purchasing their dream home and minimize the cost to do so. If
you are interested in purchasing real estate or have entered into a contract, call us today for a free
consultation at  (630) 277-9890.

Low Flat Fees
Free Initial Consultation
Appointment Flexibility - Night/Weekend Hours
Personalized Attention and Service
Local Representation - We Only Handle
Transactions in the Chicagoland Area
Experience - Over 25 Years and Thousand
of Transactions
No Hidden Fees