Our Attorney's Fee Schedule

Ever notice how most other law firms do not provide their fees for real estate representation on their website or over the phone? That is because those attorneys will often wait to see how much equity you have in your property, how much money you have left after your down payment, or how high the purchase price is, and charge you as much as possible.

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Attorneys will also sometimes try to charge you hidden fees for such items as cancelled contracts, powers of attorney, title research, and many other tasks. At 199Closing.com, what you see is what you get. Our fee schedule is listed below and this includes full representation by our company. As you can see, our attorney's fees start at $199 while still offering superior service to our clients.

But the savings don't stop there! In addition to saving your money through discounted attorney's fees, we will also provide you with a $500 discount of title fees when we order title. That's almost $1,000 you will save with our firm versus our competitors but with the same full-service attorneys.  

Attorney's Fees

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As you can see above, our services can save you a great deal of money when purchasing or selling real
estate while still receiving first-class service from our real estate attorneys. Call us today for a free
consultation!  (630) 277-9890.

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